International Order


At present AXIS Font is sold directly to customers from our site.
We do not offer any dealer price.

Orders received from customers are all on a Japanese yen basis.
You can use AXIS Font's single license only for one computer.

AXIS Font requires following conditions:

  • We are sorry but we are unable to offer the technical support.
  • We accept credit card payment only.
  • We deliver products via e-mail as the attachment.

For purchase, please send us following information:

  • 1. Choose font type

    Language (Japanese / Alphabet )

    Font width (Basic / Condensed / Compressed)

    Font weight (UL / EL / L / R / M / B / H )

  • 2. Your Name & Address

  • 3. Credit Card Brand (AMEX or VISA / MASTER only)

  • 4. Card holder's name

  • 5. Expiry Date

  • 6. Card Number